PowerTRONIC is now officially available for the KTM Duke 390. Designed, developed and manufactured proudly in India, PowerTRONIC plugs in within minutes and delivers proven performance. 


The PowerTRONIC Piggyback system is the most advanced piggyback system for single cylinder motorcycles in the market today. Developed as a universal plug-in system, the PowerTRONIC Piggyback series offers unmatched fuel and ignition control through advanced in-house developed algorithms, yet is extremely simple to set up.

While many products in the world offer piggyback controls, we take great pride in the fact that we are one of the very few companies (possibly the only) who provide ignition timing advance control to high levels of precision. Based on our sophisticated control strategies that predicts, controls, adjusts and adapts; all expected and unexpected engine transients are seamlessly and accurately handled, even on higher powered single cylinder engines, which ensures the response, feel, power, etc, are never compromised. It may be noted that the PowerTRONIC series uses only ignition timing signal and/or injection pulsewidth signal as the reference signal.

This ECU is completely programmable, and comes pre-mapped with optimal calibration for stock and mildly modified vehicles that increases power, efficiency, top speed and throttle response.

PowerTRONIC is the presently the only system in the world to offer all of the following as standard:

Fuel calibration : +/- 200% (0.1% resolution)
Ignition control – Advance and Retard :+/- 25 degrees (1° Resolution)
Extendable Rev-limit
Plug-in OEM Connectors
Downloadable maps
Access to R-Tune windows based tuning software

Performance Gains:

Ktm 390_hp_stockvspowertronic
Power increases are noticeable from as low as 4000rpm with a 2HP Increase through the entire powerband. The bike continues to hold power upto the increased rev-limit(11,300rpm) allowing later up-shifts bringing the bike right back into the powerband. We anticipate good top-end power gains with a less restrictive intake and exhaust setup. 


ktm 390_nm_stockvspowertronic

Significant torque gains as well for a stock bike, nearly 10% increase in wheel torque between 5000-8000 rpm making the already good midrange on this bike even better. 

PowerTRONIC has been extensively road and track tested to ensure real world riding response and performance.

PowerTRONIC retails at Rs 15,000/- inclusive of a 1 year replacement warranty.

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